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Fast & Affordable - That's Our Mission!
The #1 National Mail-in Repair Service
At DigiExpress, we are proud to offer our 'factory spec' repairs at an affordable price. We have built our company on the idea that if you provide quality service at a excellent price, customers will keep coming back - and it has proven to be true! We simply charge a flat rate labor fee of $25 plus the cost of parts to repair your device - it's that simple!
Most devices are very cost effective to repair, some are not, either way, you'll know exactly what the cost will be before beginning the repair. 
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 Our Process is Simple...

step 1 for repairYou Purchase & Ship:
Purchase the repair service for your device Print your invoice and ship your device to our address listed on the invoice.

repair service step 2We Receive & Notify:
Once we receive your device, we'll notify you that your device has arrived. After a technician tests your device, he will then; send you an invoice for the parts needed to repair your device.
repair service step 3We Complete & Ship Back:
Once payment is made for the parts necessary for your device, a technician will complete your repair. Then your device will be shipped and on its way back to you in no time!

 Let's Get Started!

DigiExpress fix any apple device

Broken iPod, iPad or iPhone? No Problem!
Our $25 diagnostic and repair service includes a full diagnostic by one of our expert technicians and all labor fees to complete the repair.

Professional Diagnostic & Repair Service
We can help with any of the following problems...

Cracked Glass

No WIFI Signal

Won't Charge

Sad Apple

Dark Spot on LCD

Poor Battery Life

No Sound

& Much, Much More!

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 Why DigiExpress is the #1 Choice for iPod, iPad and iPhone Repair...

Experience Makes The Difference! 

We have helped over 200,000 customers get their iPod, iPad or iPhone repaired quickly and inexpensively. DigiExpress is a full service repair facility. We stock over 400 OEM quality parts, which means our technicians can repair nearly any issue with your Apple device. Our technicians are the 'best in the biz', and will thoroughly inspect your device to make sure it continues to give you years of enjoyment.

Expert iPod technicians

Oem Quality iPod Parts

We're all about quality.

We use direct replacement OEM quality parts to repair your iPod, iPad and iPhone, so you can expect the same performance of your device after the repair, as before. Most people aren't aware that there are different 'grades' of replacement parts. At DigiExpress, we use the highest quality parts available that meet, or exceed, Apple's own specifications. There are plenty of poor quality copies on the market, don't be fooled by cheap imitations.

We Stand Behind Our Products

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our parts so you will never have to buy the same parts twice if it is becomes defective - even batteries! Our lifetime guarantee** covers the replacement cost of the most common parts for your iPod, iPad or iPhone. 

We stand behind our products

 DigiExpress vs. Insurance Plans... No Contest!
Insurance has its place, but not in the mobile electronics field. As you can see from the data* below, repairing your device without insurance is less expensive than with an insurance plan. In many cases, customers pay much more to have their device repaired or replaced with insurance. In addition, your insurance company may be replacing your device with a refurbished unit, which may have issues of its own. 
Initial cost
1st screen repair
 $149.98 total
screen repairs
Initial cost
1st screen repair
 $197 total
screen repairs
 3rd Party Insurance 
$8 - $20/month
Initial cost
 $199 - $299
1st replacement
(total cost with deductible and per month fee)
 $398 - $598
2nd replacement
(total cost with deductible and per month fee)
* Insurance pricing data based on an iPhone 4S screen repair at the time of comparison research.